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Oct 6, 1999 04:13 PM

Mexican in Sunset Park

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We were exploring Sunset Park last weekend when we found a little Mexican cafe that we wondered if anybody else here had tried. It's called Rico's and its on 51st street just around the corner from 5th ave. We were the only Anglos there, but the sweet waitress made us feel very welcome.
It has a green awning with a few tables spilling onto the sidewalk, and the interior is open to the air. It looks and feels very Mexican to us. As for the food, our limited
Spanish confined me to ordering what I could translate, like small
freshly made tacos and posole, but we both thought they were quite good. A woman in the back was kept quite busy turning out fresh tortillas for the patrons, while ranchero music played.

Any other ideas for places in the nabe?

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  1. How did the fresh tortillas compare to your homemade ones?

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      I'd have to say that I prefer my wife's. Although she only learned how to make them last weekend, she's a natural baker, and by her 10th tortilla, she'd found her groove.The tortillas at Rico's were delicious, but they were cooked on a greased griddle, while my wife used the bottom (!) of a black cast-iron skillet over a gas flame. Kinda a crepe-like way to make 'em, but they came out tender and fragrant, with a "corn goodness".Still, The tortillas at Rico's were far better than store-bought, and if you find yourself without access to a talented tortilla-maker, I'd recomend them.Anybody else have any experiences in Sunset Park?

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        I love Los Pollitos, on 4th Avenue at 59th Street. Their lemonade, guacamole, tostones w/garlic sauce and gorditas can't be beat.

        Tequilitas, also on 4th Ave, maybe around 50th Street, used to be good - haven't been there for a while.

        Also noticed a place on 59th just off 5th Ave. that looked intriguing, but haven't tried it yet.