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Oct 4, 1999 04:06 PM

Christos Hasapa-Taverna in Astoria

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Friends and I were looking for a place to eat steak the other night, and based on recommendations on this board, we gave Christos a try. We had a great meal there, and so I'm back to thank the tipsters and second the recommendation. As advertised, the porterhouse there really is phenomenal, and a relative bargain. My friend actually rated it higher than Luger's, and while many might consider that an extreme view, I'd say it's in the general ballpark. Everything else was good too, and the service was great.
One question: I noticed that the Times' Eric Asimov wrote in his review that the T-bone is superior to the porterhouse. Does anyone second this opinion? To me, that porterhouse would be awfully hard to beat.

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  1. Tried it the other week too and extend my thanks to our fellow chowhounds as well. Had the porterhouse too...mmmmm! Now you've got me curious about the T-bone...

    Had the variety appetizer/dips plate to start and thought the only really good one (and it was excellent)was the garlicky, creamy, eggplant dip; the taramosalata (roe salad) was pretty bland and not too exciting. Next time it will be the eggplant dip and a greek salad (didn't have one that night but saw salads on neighboring tables...awesome!) and maybe something new to start....BUT SHOULD I HAVE THE T-BONE INSTEAD OF THE PORTERHOUSE???!!!