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Sep 27, 1999 11:52 AM

Good produce in Carrol Gardens?

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I'm moving to the neighborhood. Anyone know where there's a good (organic?) grocery store in Carrol Gardens? Something honest, unpretentious and reasonable?

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  1. You could try Jim and Andy's Produce, which is on Court St. and maybe Wyckoff or thereabouts (in any case, closer to Atlantic Ave. than the movie theater). That's in Cobble Hill, but it's not very far. I don't know about organic, but they have nice stuff...Of course, there's the Borough Hall Greenmarket on Tuesdays and Saturdays, although that's even farther away and not open every day. There's a little organic market on Court St., somewhere around Union St. -I think it's called the Rainbow Market.

    1. I'm afraid that is one thing that hasn't appeared and is sorely wanted -- along with a good chinese restaurant. Of the choices, Jim and Andy's up in Cobble Hill is adequate, but I think their best stuff goes to restaurants, and we are left with the unwanted remains. And there is no sign that it is organic. some things may be, but you'll have to ask. Rainbow market, nearer Sackett claims to be organic on their outside sign, but there produce is not inspiring. In the midst of a great summer harvest, the best tomatoes on sale in the neighborhood are the ones from Holland. figure.
      The Korean and other green grocers in Carroll gardens/Cobble Hill area are still catering to a clientele that doesn't mind things being a bit brown and wilted, and a day away from being fully spoiled -- or fruit that spoils before it ever ripens. Hope this changes some day.

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        While you probably wouldn't want to go there for daily or on-your-way-home-from-work shopping, the Park Slope Food Co-Op is not all that far from Carrol Gardens - just straight down Union St. They have an awesome selection of usually very fresh both organic and non-o, trendy and not-so, vegetables. Yes, all the rules and workshifts are a pain, but it might be worth looking into. You can visit and sometimes do "one shop" without actually joining.

        BTW, Hunan Delight on 6th and Union (they deliver) is better than most run-of-the-mill Brooklyn (outer borough?) Chinese places. They make incredible steamed chicken dumplings (gingery with really delicate wrappers), good Chinese broccoli with fresh garlic - there are other good dishes, but I can't remember them right now - try the dumplings, tho - Gael Greene would call them "supernal."

      2. I second the mention of the Boro Hall Greenmarket. Though much of the produce there isn't organic, there is some, and it's pretty much all super. A lot of what you find (in)convenient will depend on which Carroll Gardens you're moving in to. Up on the north part, Rainbow, Jim and Andy, the guys in the truck at President and Court, and the Greenmarket aren't too much of a haul. But if you're down in lower CG by the BQE (or is it the Gowanus Expwy by there?), at 4th Place or something, all of the above get farther away, especially the Greenmarket. Oh, and if you get up to the Greenmarket and need something that has to be organic, there's a place on Remsen (I believe it's Remsen) that's a complete health food store.
        And there's New Green Pea on Atlantic not far west of Court, and I think I saw the other day a sign for a health food store opening on Union just west of Court. Sign didn't indicate whether they'll have produce.

        1. As a long-time resident of the neighborhood, I can tell you its a crying need. Rainbow (Court near Union) has been described as "uninspiring." I'd go further and say "crappy" - how can they not know that we like our greens crispy and not wilted? The Met food on Henry maintains its produce section nicely - probably the best place south of Jim and Andy's and Sweet Pea. Somebody is going to realize, one of these days, that us yuppies actually like to cook in addition to paying $20/plate for bistro food.


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            I'll second both those sentiments. I go to the Rainbow sometimes, and I like the guys there, but I'm constantly disappointed with their stuff. And I agree that the Met food (on Henry, not Smith) has quite a good produce section. Actually it's quite a good supermarket in general. For one thing, they have better-than-average oldies playing over the PA in there -- I've heard Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, Mitch Ryder and Jerry Lee Lewis in recent visits. Beats Muzak.