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Sep 20, 1999 06:53 PM

Restaurant Saul

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First, let me be up front. The chef here, Saul, is
related to my husband.

BUT the food here is worth promoting.

We started with the butternut squash soup which was
very creamy, despite having no cream, and rich. The
tomato and arugula salad - perhaps not as interesting -
was fresh and dressed just right. The main dishes were
very good: scallops with lentils cooked in what tasted
like a meat broth; seared tuna (a huge portion) with
creamy buttery mashed potato (more a puree), watercress
sauce, and a bed of leeks and corn.

The desserts, however, were the most amazing. A
fabulous chocolate cake with pistachio ice cream and
coffee sauce, and a raspberry tart that had an unusual
crispy texture with a caramel sauce (I think - can't
remember since I was busy with the chocolate cake.).

The wine selection was modest but covered a good range.
We especially enjoyed the Sancerre.

It wasn't cheap, however. The appetizers cost about
$7-9, the main dishes were about $18-24, and the
desserts about $5.

Lastly, as Manhattan residents, we really liked the
unfussy and neighborhood atmosphere. There seemed to
be a really good age mix of locals - mostly older with
some young couples here and there.

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  1. Thanks for your candor!

    So, has anyone UNRELATED to the chef eaten here?

    where is it, by the way?

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Scroll down Big Dog!

      1. re: Zephyr

        Doh! Oh, THAT Restaurant Saul...

        Thanks, Zephyr!

        Hey, listen...I'm having this problem with my HotPost
        window...maybe you could take a look at ; )


      2. re: Jim Leff

        I'm not related to the chef, and I've eaten there. It is small but comfortable, the service is friendly but faultless, all of the food is wonderful, and it's expensive ($100-$150 per couple with alcohol). Go if you're feeling flush.