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Sep 14, 1999 08:20 AM

Cheap breakfast in Greenpoint

  • j

Riding through Greenpoint last night, on the corner of
Greenpoint and Provost I saw a diner advertising 2
eggs, potatoes and toast for $1.25. That seemed to me
about almost half as expensive as I've seen that
breakfast before. Other prices on their sign included
pancakes for $1.25, or the "Farmboy special" (2
pancakes, 1 french toast, 2 eggs, bacon, home fries)
for $3.50.

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  1. s
    Steve Viterali

    How old is that sign???.....only kidding......I pass
    that place all the time.....I think i'll check that
    out thanks

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    1. re: Steve Viterali

      Let me know how it is -- I sometimes ride my bike
      through that neighborhood in the morning; I'd
      definitely stop off for breakfast.

    2. s
      Steve Viterali

      Stopped in the cheapskate joint and ordered a coffee and a ham, egg and cheese sandwich....hard to mess that up.....right? They slapped some precooked scrambled eggs and some meat on a roll without cheese. They forgot or didn't understand, who knows. Their coffee? Rather drink from from the East River..didn't see anyone eatin' those cheap pancakes as well. The place was neat and the staff was friendly but I'll pass on this place.