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Sep 10, 1999 09:51 PM

Queens Blvd. in Kew Gardens

  • j

Woe is me, I got jury duty... Does anyone know good
places for lunch around the courthouse? It's at 120-55
Queens Blvd.

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  1. Jeremy you lucky devil! Just walk behind Queens
    Boulevard to Kew Gardens and have soup with noodles,
    "Korean" carrot salad and other dishes at Uzbeki
    Tandoori Bread. I happened upon it during jury duty and
    was glad to have been inscripted.

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    1. re: Allan Evans

      Thanks Allan, do you know the address of UTB?

      1. re: Jeremy
        Robert Sietsema

        UZBEKISTAN TANDOORI BREAD 120-35 83rd Avenue, Kew Gardens, 718-850-3426. Open Sunday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday till sundown, closed Saturday.

        1. re: Robert Sietsema

          I made it over to Uzbekistan Tandoori today, and was
          happy I did. The bread was just excellent, and the
          shish-kebab meltingly tender. I did have a bit of a
          bone to pick with the waitress for telling me that was
          not going to be enough food and I should get some
          laghman (sp?) as well, for two reasons -- just the
          bread and kebab would certainly have been enough food;
          and the laghman I don't think is so good. It tastes
          regrettably of canned ravioli.

          Yesterday I ate at Austin's Ale House (Austin and
          Lefferts), and had a good hamburger and onion rings.
          They have a nice selection of beer on tap.

          Also, I've gotten consistently good coffee right across
          from the courthouse, at R & C Colombian restaurant. I'm
          planning to try their Desayuno Especial tomorrow

          1. re: Jeremy

            I had the breakfast at R & C today and I thought it was
            pretty good. It's 2 eggs, scrambled with tomato slices,
            cheese, and sausage slices (? -- I thought it was hot
            dog but I could be wrong), and an arepa of a type I've
            never had before, essentially a fat corn tortilla.
            Sadly no hot chocolate except instant, but like I say
            their coffee is good.

            1. re: Jeremy

              Uzbekistan waitress do tell you that so you will buy more food. I think that is pretty tacky. Romeo's across the street from the court house is supposed to be very good and I like Pasta Lovers.

              1. re: Jeremy

                Hi Everyone,

                You may not know me from Adam, but I used to be a former KG resident. I may have passed by you on the street a couple of times in my teen years, when I lived there, but I'm 24 now (you may not even recognize me). Since my 24th birthday, I've honestly found myself in a better place...I finish college, found a steady job in my profession (PR/Marketing), been at the same job for 1yr. 1/2, I have my life together, etc.- the milestones go on. Now I'm living in Hoboken, NJ; and although it's nice out here, something is definitely missing- a sense of community.

                I'm not going to play endless videotapes of how my life took me from point A to point B, but I will tell you how lucky people are to be living in such a great community like Kew Gardens. It's not enough that you have tree-lined streets with beautiful hills, but that you also have perfectly convenient shops to buy everything in. Kew Gardens' residents really don't have any excuse to go into the city, unless they work there. I've read your past messages, and fell in love again with all the familiar places.

                I've been scouring the Internet for any voices from KG, and I'm really glad to have come across your message board (I found it while searching on I would really like to take this time to thank you for having this message board up. Isn't modern technology great! I should also tell you that that my goal in the next four months is to return to Kew Gardens. Any leads about apartments for rent or sale would be most helpful. Let me know, via e-mail, if there’s anything you can do to give me little insight.