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Sep 2, 1999 11:47 PM

Tin Room @ 1 Front St. BEWARE

  • j

This is the place in the old bank building down by the
Fulton Ferry. It has been many restaurants in it's past
- most of them awful. This incarnation does not break
the mold. I've had better meals in hotel dining rooms
located near out of town airports. On Saturdays they do
have live aria sung by talented musicians. Didn't make
up for the food.

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  1. I disagree with Josh'es comments. I've had lovely Sunday brunches at the Tin Room as well as some of the best pizza NYC has to offer. Yes, I know that Grimaldi's is right next door, but the Tin Room has a chicken-Jalapeno-avocado pizza and a shrimp-garic-pesto pizza that is totally out of this world!