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Aug 25, 1999 12:08 PM

Egyptian Fish Restaurant in Queens

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Hi. Has anybody been to the Al Montaza restaurant on
Steinway Street of late? My wife and I and many
friends were there often since about a year ago and
loved it. The fish was very fresh (it's right there in
a big, iced bin when you came in the door), there was
great pita-like bread baked right there and many other
appetizers. The food was really very good. The last
time we were there, app. last Nov. or Dec., we were
told that the chef had cut his finger and that the
owner and one of the waiters would be doing the cooking
that evening.
In short, the meal was pretty dreadful and we haven't
gone back since. I suspect that their excellent chef
just left.

If anybody has been there recently, we would love to
know how it is. It was a good and fun restaurant with
pretty good service.


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