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Aug 19, 1999 04:55 PM

Gage and Tollner

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Anybody eaten here recently and have a good or bad
experience to report? People always talk about the
looks of this place, but I haven't heard anything
recently about the food, though I seem to recall that
they brought in some highly touted chef a while ago.

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  1. We ate there on Valentine's day when they had a
    special menu, so our experience is perhaps not the
    average, but we did have a good time and a satisfying
    meal. We both had steak & lobster tails. All very
    traditional -- lobster in the shell with butter, hunk
    of filet mignon with a light grill flavor -- but
    nicely done. My husband's "very rare" steak came out
    medium well, but they were very apologetic, took it
    away immediately and brought us free wine, and its
    replacement was perfect.

    The menu was a little pricy but they took (take?) the
    NYTimes discount card (or was it Transmedia?) so we
    got a good deal.

    All in all no fireworks here, but if you want just a
    good, old-style meal in a neat old room where the
    waiters have Brooklyn accents and don't dote on you,
    this is a pretty good place.

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    1. re: Kendra

      I haven't been to Gage & Tollner since the change of
      ownership and departure of Edna Lewis as chef, but i
      understand that some of her dishes (she-crab soup,
      etC) are still on on the menu as perhaps are the
      menu's traditional seafood and fish dishes dating from
      before her time, clam bellies, etc. I still remember
      that soup, her crabcakes, biscuits, vegetable side
      dishes and blackberry cobbler as just wonderful. I
      would be interested to hear if the kitchen is still
      cooking any of these dishes well, or whether it has
      succumbed to Brooklyn upscale-itis (surf and turf
      sounds suspicious).

      1. re: jen kalb

        It's one of a few places near
        BAM for dinner, and not all that
        near, but that's when we have
        been. I always get the pan
        fried oysters; they are actually
        sauteed, and come in a very
        light but tasty sauce. Other
        dishes are fine,but as noted
        already no real fireworks. Best
        to eat in evening when they
        light all the gas candleabras.

        1. re: R Bergen

          I have been there twice - once with Edna Lewis in the kitchen, once without. Both meals were very good - her she-crab soup and lobster bisque have been kept consistent. I also liked the seafood cocktail appetizer (served in a fancy glass jello/pudding dish) and the very good fried oysters. Amazingly, the place is usually packed at lucnh, but empty at night. A great evening out, albeit a bit expensive for what you get.