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Aug 13, 1999 10:41 AM

pupusas by the red hook pool

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last saturday, i went to the red hook pool at bay and clinton streets. (for anyone ignorant of this landmark--this is a HUGE outdoor pool that is frequently not very crowded.) across the street are two soccer fields that on saturday and sunday are host to several soccer leagues. (the real mccoy with knee-high tube socks and shiny bright red and blue shorts. at the periphery of the soccer fields is a food bazaar which has numerous latin american countries represented. pupusas, fried plantains, yucca, tamales, empanadas, huaraches, horchata and hand-made plantain chips. what a find--i can't tell you how good it feels to paddle around, do some laps and then chow down on some of the best, and cheapest, latin american food i've had. of course if you can't devote the remainder of your afternoon to a siesta, you're better off not going at all.

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  1. Sounds great!! Is there a subway nearby?

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    1. re: Barb. H.

      Though I haven't been to the pool mentioned in the
      first post, I do know that the F train is the closest
      subway. Smith & 9th St is probably best, though
      Carroll St. might be as good, that is to say equally
      far. The best way to get over there is on the bus.
      There's one down Columbia St., and one down Court St.

      1. re: Trip

        Just what I needed to know - thanks, Trip.

        1. re: Barb H.

          Be warned that Red Hook is not one of Brooklyn's finer
          neighborhoods. It's more or less safe during the day
          but I certainly wouldn't linger after dark. Also, if
          you take the train you have to cross under the Gowanus
          overpass which is very dicey.

          1. re: Bob Dively

            yes, red hook is not one of new york's finer neighborhoods, but the last time i walked under the gowanus overpass (albeit at 11:00am in the morning) there was a man with an easel set up making a painting of the surroundings. that's all. avenue a used to be crummy. so did soho. such is life in the big city.

            1. re: nelle

              a lot of Red Hook (the part south of the Gowanus
              Expressway)is like the land that time forgot - a
              dusty, ramshackle and somewhat charming (in parts) old
              neighborhood with potholed and cobblestone streets,
              old industrial warehouses, ugly housing projects
              (steer clear) and a waterfront that has been partly
              colonized by artists. The park where they play soccer
              is on the east end of the neighborhood, nearer to
              court street than to the harbor. There is a pretty
              cool map on one of the NY websites showing nearby
              transit links where you can focus in on the precise

     - look for brooklyn
              bus lines.

      2. re: Barb. H.

        the nearest subway stop is the smith and 9th street stop on the g line. offhand i can't remember if the f train stops there as well. i think it does.