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Aug 11, 1999 08:44 PM

Pistachio Brittle?

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There was an excellent article in today's WSJ about
ideological conflicts between clerics in Qom, Iran's
theological center. Intruiguingly, the author noted
that Qom is a drearly place, relieved only by the smell
of pistachio brittle.

Does anyone know of a source for this delicacy in NY?
I am a complete pistachio fanatic, and this mention
obliterated much of the other details of the disputes
between the "Youns" and the "Yats."

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  1. k
    keith koenigsberg

    If I were on a quest for Pistachio Brittle, I would
    start at the couple of arab-flavored bodegas on
    Atlantic Ave near Court street. Any place where they
    have 4 kinds of homemade Halvah sounds like a promising
    beginning of the quest. Good luck and let us know.


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    1. re: keith koenigsberg
      keith koenigsberg

      search for "pistachio brittle" on hotbot or any browser
      and there's no shortage of recipes and mail-order