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Aug 10, 1999 05:22 PM

sushi in brooklyn

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I'm interested in eating sushi in Brooklyn and would be
grateful for restaurant suggestions. Thanks for your

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  1. Well, I haven't found any place truly outstanding in
    the Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens area, but have had
    pretty good sushi at Osaka and Inaka, both on Court
    Street (Osaka's across from the movie theater just
    above DeGraw Street and Inaka's a few blocks above
    that), and recently had a very good assortment
    delivered from Ichiban, which is also on Court Street
    but higher up -- just North of Atlantic. The places
    on Montague Street are all decent but pretty
    interchangeable, unfortunately, but they have the
    virtue of being inexpensive, which is good on a
    publishing salary (if I read your e-mail address

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    1. re: Kendra

      Thanks, Kendra! I'm looking forward to trying out your
      suggestions and will probably visit Osaka this
      week. Tracy

      1. re: tracy

        Gotta say I just don't agree with Kendra on both Osaka
        and Ichiban.

        The chefs at Ichiban don't cut the fish properly, they
        just slash away with no regard to the structure of the
        filet, and how that will affect the mouthfeel and chew
        of the sushi.

        At Osaka, I'm still unhappy with the way the fish is
        cut, albeit here it's a more personal preference.
        Osaka cuts filets thin and long, which might have more
        visual impact on the plate, but makes eating the
        results awkward and less pleasurable. I've also
        encountered some tough skinned shumai and less than
        fresh oil used on tempura dishes.

        For my tastes, well presented sushi should be a one
        mouthful arrangement - and not have me looking around
        wishing I had a knife to finish the job.

        1. re: Governor

          Hold up a moment there! - and my apologies to the
          chefs and staff of Ichiban -

          It is Inaka where I have found the fish improperly
          prepared NOT Ichiban.

          Inaka bad Ichiban (I dunnu - time to go)

          1. re: Governor

            I had quite excellent sushi at Osaka - I was actually
            impressed. Also, on Flatbush Ave. and 7th there is
            Geido, which can be quite good depending on what you
            order. Also has very good chirashi.

            1. re: Mara

              friends of mine with more experience (lived in Japan
              and ate out constantly) liked Geido, but thought the
              sushi chef at Inaka on 7th Ave was better. This was a
              couple years back. Have you tried Inaka?

              1. re: jen kalb

                Geido is very good. SO is Hokkaido (the one on Emmons
                Ave. in Sheepshead Bay, not the one in Bay Ridge - the
                one on Queens Blvd. in Rego Park is good too!) and
                MamaYo (or is it mamayoyo?) next to Lundy's is a good
                sushi and grill joint...

                Parking's a pain near MamaYo but much better further
                down by Hokkaido...

                1. re: Jill

                  I actually hated Inaka when I ate there about 4 years
                  ago, and haven't tried it again since. At the time,
                  the place smelled like old fish, and the sushi I
                  ordered did not taste fresh, so I never went back. A
                  lot of people have said they've liked it, though - I
                  just haven't had the stomach to give it a try in its
                  new location. Geido is fun, though, and inexpensive as
                  sushi restaurants go.

                  1. re: Mara

                    yikes, sounds like you had a sound basis for your
                    decision to avoid Inaka. I like Geido fine - it is a
                    friendly neighborhood spot with good, not great food
                    and a pleasant atmosphere which is family-friendly.

                    1. re: Jen Kalb

                      I am in Northern Brooklyn, (Williamsburg) and really
                      like the new sushi place, Wasabi (on Bedford at North
                      4th) Planet Thailand has moved to a larger location
                      and now has sushi as well (the planet thailand folks
                      do thai so well, i have yet to try to sushi there).
                      Planet Thailands new location, North 7th Street
                      between Berry and Bedford is very dignified, and
                      beautiful. THere is also Miyako (i may have mispelled
                      it) that has very nice sushi as well at North 6th and
                      Do other Williamsburgers use this site?

                      1. re: alexanderwalsh

                        Sushi in the Northside. *sigh*

                        Of the choices - and I haven't sampled Planet Thai's
                        new sushi (but I can say that if anything, they're
                        doing a better job with the old standards since the
                        move than of late) - but the best you can say about
                        Wasabi and Miyako (sp?)is that they're there.

                        Of the two, Wasabi has the better food - the fish is
                        fresh and generally well cut - but I will never, ever,
                        never in a million years go back. Wasabi has the
                        worst service I've ever experienced in a restaurant in
                        my entire life. I want to like the place, but after
                        the third go round of interminable waits for
                        attention, wrong orders, wrong orders again, kitchen
                        mishaps, dishes never delivered - I've had it. Their
                        shumai are tough-skinned as well.

                        In contrast - the staff at Miyako are nothing less
                        than sweet and very accomodating - but the sushi is
                        just OK. It's there. And if you want they'll bring
                        it over to Galapogos - but you're still better off
                        running into the city for sushi and savoring our areas
                        pierogis, pasta, and whatever it is Ozznots is these

                        God, does anyone remember the "old" Ozznots. Sniff.

              2. re: Mara

                is this a good place to take a date?

                1. re: no respect

                  If your date is kind of informal, it would be fine.
                  There tend to be a lot of kids there early in the
                  evening. Not quite as many as at Two Boots, but a
                  similar vibe. The room isn't as dark, though.

                  I recall the sushi there being much better than at
                  Inaka on 7th, but I haven't been to Inkaka since they

                  1. re: no respect

                    Its a good place in the sense that you can sit for a
                    while and talk - the food is ok, its not loud and they
                    dont push you out if you don't have a particular
                    preference for Japanese food but want that area, the
                    New Prospect Cafe, on flatbush nr Grand Army Plaza is
                    perhaps a little nicer.

              3. re: Governor

                Okay, okay, none of them are *great*, but I don't know
                of any better sushi in Bklyn... or are you holding out
                on us???

                One note about Osaka -- the main (fairly minor)
                complaint I have with them lies not in their fish but
                in their rice, which I find a little too sweet. The
                three times I've been there the fish has always been
                nicely soft to the mouth, not stringy. I do prefer
                their fish to Inaka's.