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Aug 4, 1999 12:42 AM

Montague Street

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Today I found myself on Montague St. in Brooklyn
Heights at dinner time, and as has been my usual
experience there, nothing looked particularly
interesting or inviting. Anyone have any favorites in
that neck of the woods? Do any of those easy-to-
overlook places have a killer dish or two, or
otherwise offer more than meets the eye?

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  1. Well, gee, since the Blimpies closed...

    Actually I have always liked the Heights Cafe, which is
    near, if not on, Hicks St. Their basics have always
    been exemplary (hi-quality mixed greens salads and
    foccacia were normal offerings here before they came
    into vogue everywhere else). Some of their standard
    offerings are wonderful dependable favorites - meat
    loaf, burgers, brunch omelettes, etc. but they also
    continue to new try things with their specials and
    though some fall a bit flat, others are superb. I've
    also found the waitstaff to be quite good and I've
    never felt rushed, tho I have a few times spent more
    than my share of time at a table during a busy time. I
    like to go here after a Bargemusic afternoon concert.

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    1. re: Barb. H.
      Dan Silverman

      Are you talking about the Heights Cafe on Montague St.?

      I think the place isn't very good at all. The food is
      VERY hum drum, under seasoned, very mid '80's. I
      think of it as a not very good rendition of a not very
      good upper west side eatery. As Smith Street
      continues to blossom, Montague St. and Brooklyn
      Heights continue to languish. Saying this makes me sad
      because I've lived in the Heights for 15 years (7 of
      them on Montague St.)

      I dare some one to open a good restaurant on Montague

      1. re: Dan Silverman

        I was going to try one of the Chinese restaurants on
        Montague street. Are any of them decent?