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Aug 3, 1999 10:34 AM

Coco Roco downhill?

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This used to be one of my favorite restaurants, but my
meal there last night confirmed my feeling that it's
gone down a notch. The filling in the tamalito
appetizer wasn't nearly as flavorful as in the past.
The lomo saltado had about half the amount of meat it
used to, and the meat it did have was very tough.
Lastly, the roast chicken was quite dry. Nothing seems
to be prepared with as much care as it was before. Did
they change chefs, or has it just gotten too popular?

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  1. I used to get their takeout, but in the last couple of
    months we have gotten sick twice, so they are no longer
    on our takeout rotation...

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    1. re: Barb H.

      I did read, maybe here, that
      there was a change of chefs
      some time ago. And after the
      change the double cooked
      pork, which was a revelation of
      good taste, has never been the
      same. We went back about a
      month ago. it was packed to
      the gills. Service was friendly,
      but we were disappointed.
      The ceviche was ok, We also
      had red snapper and steak.
      Nothing to complain about, but
      we agreed it wasn't worth a
      special trip any longer.