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Jul 29, 1999 12:53 PM

Cambodian Cuisine

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I recently went to the opening of an artist friend's
exhibition at a restaurant in Greenpoint called Lucien
Blue (btw, any feedback on this place, which looked
very upscale minimalist with a nice bar, would be
appreciated. It was closed the night of the
opening). He told me there was a very good Cambodian
restaurant across the street, and nine of us, all of
whom were ravenous, soon decamped there. The menu was,
to say the least, daunting. Pages and pages and pages,
designated by category (C for chicken, N for
noodles,etc.) and numbered within those categories-our
heads were spinning. Imagine my joy when I discovered
a review by Jim at the back of this hefty tome. I went
straight for one of his recommendations, the whole
fried fish, as did a couple of other members of the
party. It was delicious! Other highlights were
beautifully fresh springrolls and a complex, hearty
noodle soup seasoned with curry and chock-full of
delicious vegetables, including potatoes. The
Chinese-stle dishes a few others ordered-chicken
sauteed with peanuts or mustard greens and a beef saute
were bland and just passable. I see from searching
long-ago posts on this place that that has been a
common complaint . But that fish was amazing, and the
proprietor could not have been more sweet and kind. He
graciously stayed open long past his 10 PM closing time
to accommodate a second wave of hungry folks from the
opening and he was extremely patient whilst we all
dithered over his novel-length menu. I'm still
dreaming about that fish-will definitely go back soon.
Oh, and PS, the bill was $18 a head for enormous
amounts of food.

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  1. Don't you mean Fort Greene?

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    1. Yeah, it's a really good place. The big problem is that
      because they've established themselves as a hybrid
      restaurant doing "Cheap Chinese Plus", too much of
      their business relies on their reputation for serving
      cheap food. As a result, they can't raise prices enough
      to use decent, much less superior, ingredients...they'd
      keep the visiting chowhound traffic for their Cambodian
      dishes, but they'd lose a lot of the neighborhood take-
      out biz.

      So while they do a fine job with their raw materials,
      the beef and seafood are iffy. I'd love to see them
      find some way to raise prices 20%...

      And, hey, if it gives you a kick to see my reviews
      (thanks, by the way!), why not pick up a copy of my
      book? It's got 150 of 'em...including this place! See
      link below....


      1. Actually, this isn't at all about cambodian Cuisine it's about the place across the street that the poster meant to go to, Lucien Blue.
        You never thought you'd find an upscale restaurant in Fort Greene Brooklyn but here it is. Lucien Blue serves high class cuisine, is gorgeously decorated and the service is wonderful. the difference is that here in Fort Greene everything is a little more relaxed. The waiters take their time with you and allow you to take your time in return. They are full of good suggestions if you're feeling indecisive, too.
        For cocktails, Lucien Blue also has a couple of house specialties, "The Lucien Blue", of course,which is good but it really is blue and not the kind of blue found in nature and leaves your tongue looking as though you'd just finished a sno-cone and another orange martini sort of a thing which is delightful.
        I live in Fort Greene and I love Lucien Blue, so everybody come and visit and enjoy, I want them to stay happily in business.