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Jul 19, 1999 12:05 PM

Ices-local news for Prospect Hts/North Slopers

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In this hot weather, two neighborhood spots, one brand
new, for natural fruit ices and similar fruit treats
at 6th Ave and Flatbush (the Bergen St. 2&3 station).
1. The newcomer, J&J's Cool desserts at 64 6th Ave,
just past Bergen, right across from the 78 Precinct
Hse (scene of the Brooklyn South tv shoot) - we
scarfed down really good (especially yesterday) sorbet
made on site - we had citrus cooler (pink grapefruit,
blood orange, calamansi and orange) and island cooler
(passion fruit, mango. lime and pineapple) but othrs,
including muroise (rasp-blueberry) and bery cooler,
also tasted worthy. Samples offered, nice folks. Maybe
egg farm dairy is better, but their pink grapefruit
ice costs more tha $1 per scoop! J&J offers some ciao
bello gelato and other desserts and drinks too. No
business has ever survived in this location -
neighbors, please come on down and support this one!

2. The survivor - SunFire juice bar - right on
Flatbush at 6th - fresh squeezed fruit drinks
including exotics, coconut water, cane juice - this is
a vegetarian, organic jamaican store which also has
(Ive been told by veggie friends) good homemade fruit
ices and pies(all tan in color, since they don't use
preservatives). Not inexpensive. I haven't much liked
the vegetarian patties tho - with funny tastes I
associate with weird vitaminoid additives.

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