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Jul 8, 1999 03:59 PM

Istrian Social Club

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Has anyone been to eat at the Istrian Social Club on
Astoria Blvd? It was recently mentioned in an article
in the NY Times

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  1. Yes, I've been to the Istrian SC several times. It's a
    limited menu, but good food (grilled calamari, fish,
    gnocchi, roast veal). There's a similar place
    downstairs on 34th Ave and 45th St called Rudar
    (Astoria/LIC) which may even be a little better.

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    1. re: Joe D.
      Robert Sietsema

      I really dig the Istrian Social Club, especially for its back yard garden, where a bocci (or whatever they call the game in Croatia) is played beneath overhanging grape vines. The homemade cevapcici (kufta-like grilled cylinders of meat) and especially the national dish of fuzi (bowtie shaped fresh pasta) are alone worth the trek. That is, if you don't already live next door.

      I'm interested in checking out the other place, too.