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Jul 8, 1999 10:23 AM

Help! Park Slope Needs a Good Market!

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I hope this is an okay post for this site, but I
couldn't think of a better crowd to ask, actually. I
have lived in Park Slope for 5 years, have seen
restaurants come and go, but the neighborhood has never
had a "Gourmet Garage" type of market. Does anyone
know why this is, or know if there are any plans to
open one? I know there is the Food Co-op and Back to
the Land, but I think a big food market would flourish
in Park Slope. Any thoughts on the matter would be
greatly appreciated.

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  1. Similar to the restaurant dilemma, there are no great
    markets in the Slope. If you have access to a car or
    bike with a REALLY big basket, you can find treasures
    in many of the surrounding neighborhoods. Here are
    just some of the possibilities:

    Asian, mostly Chinese: Sunset Park, 8th ave between
    50th & 60th st.

    Italian: Court St. in Cobble Hill, or better on 18th
    Ave between 60 - 72nd Street.

    Middle Eastern: Obviously, Atlantic Ave.

    In general, the butcher & fish stores in the Italian
    and Chinese neighborhoods are superior.

    Don't forget Saturday morning (early) for the
    Greenmarket at the Park.

    I also use the guys who sell fruit from the backs of
    trucks on 4th ave. They have the best Mango's and
    Papaya's. Not to mention some weird brown liquid in
    gallon jugs, as yet untried.

    Hope this helps.

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    1. re: Josh


      Is this true in Brooklyn, too? The place on 7th Ave.
      and 1st street has pretty decent fish, although it
      rarely has the *sparkle* of the fish at Citarella or
      Balducci's, to name just two Manhattan meccas. Are
      there any *great* Brooklyn fish stores in the above-
      named areas?

      We DO need a Citarella type store here in the Slope.
      Or a Gourmet Garage.

      1. re: David

        Not park slope, but Fish Tales near Bergen Street on
        Court Street, just gets better and better. Bought
        wonderful soft shell crabs there a month ago.
        Wonderful salmon, sea bass, about anything you could
        want. Very fresh and an increasingly wide selection.
        Staff is very eager to please. The other shop lower on
        Court street can be smelled at least a block away so i
        avoid that. Can't imagine why!! Oh well, it's a lot
        longer walk, but Fish Tales has worked out well --
        free lemons too with your purchase.

    2. ve between 10th -11th though, they have wonderful
      homemade pasta, cheese, olives, prepared foods, etc.
      And the owners are really nice guys too.

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      1. re: Lisa R.

        That didn't all get posted....Russo's on 7th Ave is the
        place. Great prepared food, homemade pastas, etc,
        Three WAS a gourmet market on 7th Ave between 3rd-4th,
        where "Rootstock" is now, and it flopped. There's still
        a lot of oldtimers here who shop at Key Food alone!

        1. re: Lisa R.

          "That didn't all get posted"

          Lisa, are you using Microsoft Explorer with a Mac? I
          suspect so. We're having a nasty problem with postings
          being cut off with that set-up. Can't figure out
 doth vex us much