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Jul 2, 1999 12:02 AM

Love Indian/Paki food~any good Bklyn places?

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Yes,I know where the ones in Manhattan are, but
sometimes you get tired of schleping an hour by train
after a workweek. I love hot,spicy Indian/Paki food.
It doesn't have to be gourmet~but if you found a place
that serves heaping helpings at a fair price, well,
thanks for sharing and grab the curry! :)

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  1. You've got an Indo-Pak district all along Coney Island
    Av., from Church to around Foster. Also, be sure and
    come out to our Little India in Jackson Heights,
    Queens, on and around 74th St. (especially, Tabaq 74,
    for a purely Pakistani experience.) Enjoy!

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    1. re: Jeff Heller

      We discovered Bukhara Restaurant through Mr. Leff's
      book. Located in Midwood -- never had better.
      certainly modestly priced. 1095 Coney Island Ave. in
      Midwood. Get the address right, there are now two
      other restaurants with same name on the Ave. The kofta
      kebab was the only thing we have had that wasn't a
      great success. but otherwise can't go wrong.

      1. re: R. Bergen

        These posts give me a chance to thank all you
        Chowhounds for your advice on the 5 Star Punjabi diner
        in LIC. We finally went on Friday with some friends
        and the food was wonderful. I am now sorry we didn't
        go in the first time we went (because it was empty and
        not too attractive). We were especially struck by how
        fresh the breads were (aloo paratha and nan were very
        fine) and the cauliflower pakora was greaseless and
        fabulous. So thanks again--and if you haven't gone
        there do try it. It's out of the way but worth it.

        1. re: phyllis
          Robert Sietsema

          There's a new Indian restaurant at Ave U and Ocean Ave that looks pretty good. When I went by there the other day they had a big buffet out at lunchtime. The restaurant is really gigantic, so they better get some business or they'll be in trouble