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Jun 23, 1999 08:23 AM


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Has anyone been to this place? It is near 36th Ave
and 45th St. in Astoria. It is a Croatian Club on the
order of the Istrian Soccer Club. A colleague of
Croatian extraction told me about it and said that it
was very good.

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    Robert Sietsema

    Is there any reason to believe they welcome outsiders, the way the Istrian club does? I've been told there are lots of Eastern European soccer clubs in those parts, but most don't welcome outsiders. Still, it would certainly be worth a try.

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    1. re: Robert Sietsema

      My co-worker says that the downstairs is a regular
      restaurant and that anyone is welcome there. Upstairs
      is more of a club. She even said that she has only
      spoken English when she has been there, rather than
      Croatian, so I guess that is a sign of some opennes.
      Report back if you try it.