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Jun 22, 1999 07:29 PM

Thai Cafe in Greenpoint

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Has anyone been to the Thai Cafe on Manhattan Avenue in
Greenpoint in recent weeks? I go off and on to pick up
take-out and everytime I go the place seems more and
more crowded. While this usually spells doom (i.e.
Planeat Thailand in Williamsburg), I have to say the
food at the sister restaurant has gotten even more
stellar lately, if that's possible. Had my basic meal
of chicken peanut curry and fried spring rolls last
night and it was the best I ever had. Peanut sause was
richly hot, creamy and suffused with a dark orange
color which usually is a good sign. Packed with fresh
veggies and big chunks of chicken. Even the spring
rolls were better than usual. In fact I'm eating the
reheated leftovers as a type this right now. (Note to
self: clean the orange gunk out of the keyboard

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  1. We eat at the Thai Cafe every few weeks on Fridays
    before we shop at the Garden (across the street and a
    great gourmet shop). Food is consistently good with
    rare exceptions. Unlike many places, here we stick to
    the menu and don't do the specials very often. Seem too
    expensive and elaborate. I still like the food at
    Planeat Thailand, too.

    By the way, a friend who was raised in Thailand and is
    spending the summer there on an internship told me by e
    mail that Sripathai (sp?) in Woodside was written up in
    the Thai press as the most authentic Thai food in NY.
    It's not a pretty place but give it a whirl and see the
    real thing.

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      Thanks Phyliss. I can feel my tastebuds burning right
      now. Mmmmmmm.....