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Jun 9, 1999 07:22 PM

Mexican Place In Hunters Point

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A new Mexican joint opened up in Hunters Point on
Vernon Boulevard near 48th Avenue. The food was really
pretty decent and margaritas weren't bad either. The
place is called "Ponchjoes & Laverty," for some reason.
I had chimichangas which had a tasty, flaky shell and
good quality, moist beef inside. My friend had a
special which translated something like "points of
beef" with a tangy, flavorful sause. Not spicy enuf for
my taste, but hey, this is Long Island City. Sides of
mixed vegetable rice and, of course, beans, were about
as good as you can get. Place also serves Italian food
(which I didn't try) and burgers and bar stuff. I
recommend it. We were definitely pleasantly surprised
at the high quality of the ingredients and the
preperation. Hope they keep it up. Would like to know
what others think.

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    Richard Beyers

    Whoops, something funny was happening & I posted this 3
    times. Sorry.

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      Had dinner there last night and I give these guys sooo
      much credit for their earnestness. They definitely
      were concerned about your comfort and what you thought
      of the food. Which I thought was really charming.

      On to the food.

      I shared the jalapeno poppers with my companion and
      they were quite tasty...the inside, that is. The
      outer breaded fried crust was greasy...but that's
      easily remedied by sliding it off. I had an order of
      fried calamari and scallops and the breading was
      perfectly browned and crisped and not greasy at all
      (it was a different breading than the one used on the
      poppers) but I also thought it was too thick...which
      is easily remedied by taking it off. Without the
      breading the scallops were melt in your mouth tender
      and the squid had a nice bite. My companion had a
      very hearty and satisfying beef burrito.

      Laverty's & Ponchjoe's is certainly a welcomed
      addition to Hunter's Point where one's dining options
      are limited. I will certainly be back.