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Jun 8, 1999 02:23 PM

Ice redux

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Last weekend I had a cherry ice from a place in Park
Slope called Brothers (I think) on 7th Ave between 5th
and 6th. I've always been an ice fan, but I've never
really had anything besides the usual suspects
(Marino's, Gino's, etc...). I found the ice at
Brothers to be really, really good, but I don't know
how it stacks up. Any icehounds there to draw a
comparison? Should I make a pilgramage to that place
in Corona?

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  1. I've never been an big fan of ices.. too sweet,
    cloying.. But my favorite is the chocolate ice at
    Cafe la Fortuna on Columbus(I think at 71st.) Just the
    right amount of sugar and chocolate depth. We make a
    pilgrimage at least twice a summer.

    1. I have never been to Corona, but the ices at
      Brothers, some are great and others not so (my kids and
      I go there REGULARLY). If they have pink grapefruit,
      ty it, it is great. Cantaloupe and strawberry are
      fabulous, mango and pineapple less so. Blueberry is
      awful. So is watermelon. Lemon is ok . Fruit cocktail
      sounds awful but is really good, so who knows.