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Jun 8, 1999 01:36 PM

Albanian food in the Bronx?

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Anyone know of any places to eat Albanian food in the
Bronx? (Other than the one in Tremont in your book,
Jim.) One night on the news they were broadcasting in
front of some place called Shqiperia Cuisine or
something like that, but I can't seem to get a number
from 411. Anyone know of any other places (anywhere
in the tristate area)?

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  1. There's a little Albanian coffee shop/social club on
    the last block of Arthur Avenue before the playground.
    I've never been in and it's pretty modest looking, but
    you can always stick your head in and ask. I'm also
    under the impression that there's a cluster of
    Albanians living in the vicinity of Lydig Avenue and
    White Plains Road. Might be worth cruising the

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    1. re: Fred Goodman
      Myra Alperson

      This may be old news by now, but a new Albanian restaurant recently opened at 750 Lydig Ave. (cornenr of Holland Ave.) called European International Restaurant & Grill. I spoke with the owner about a month ago (late August) and the restaurant was ten about two weeks from opening, so I presume they're under way by now. It should be the nicest place around, which isn't saying much for hte Lydig Ave./White Plains Rd. area, but I think they're fixing up a pretty fancy place. The southern block of Lydig between Holland and Wallace also has an Albanian bakery (called Gina's Italian - but it's Albanian-owned) and a market (called European Meat Market). The market is actually quite nice - check out "Sarajevo Delight" - their version of Turkish Delight!Myra

      1. re: Myra Alperson

        Myra, thanks so much for posting...and a tip, no less, rather than a query!

        You guys all know who this is...Myra's great "Food Lovers Guide To New York" (published about 8 years ago, I think) outlined bicycle chowhound tours of all the best nabes in New York and uncovered many, many new places. I don't know too many chowhounds who don't have it in their collections.

        She's now publishing NoshNews, which covers a neighborhood per issue and is highly recommended (email her for details)


    2. I ate at All Star Cafe, the little restaurant next to
      the Arthur Avenue market. They warn you off when you go
      in with, "It's only Albanian (not Italian) food". The
      sausages are very good and spicy, otherwise the food is
      very humble--navy bean stew and other stews.