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Jun 7, 1999 06:47 AM

Wholesale Caviar in LIC?

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I'm trying to find out the address of a wholesale
caviar dealer supposedly located in Long Island City.
Friends and I are planning a caviar and vodka tasting
so we're looking for a supplier with "reasonable"
prices if such a thing is possible with caviar. Any
info is appreciated.

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  1. I don't know about wholesale dealers, but Gourmet
    Garage was offering osetra at $15/oz not long ago.
    Don't recall what other varieties were priced at but I
    remember thinking they didn't seem too outrageous.
    (Taking that in the context of caviar, of course!)

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    1. re: Barbara S


      There is a wholesaler in LIC called Urbani. I've
      attached their link.

      I've gotten salmon roe from Urbani in the past. It
      wasn't more than $20/lb. Which is A LOT (of eggs that
      is)!! The fedexed package I got was well insulated
      and packed with gel-ice. No complaints from me.
      Though I found that I can pay the same amount at
      Zabar's and have instant satisfaction! I love those
      squishy orange eggs!

      Good luck.

      1. re: Maria

        Hmmm...let's try again, shall we?