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Jun 1, 1999 07:24 PM

Czech & Slovak report

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As per, Mr. Leff's request, here is my brief report on
the Czech & Slovak Festival and Bohemian Hall over the

I went on Sunday and the place was packed. Wall to wall
people, mostly Czech and Slovaks but others too,
lounging on the picnic tables in the spacious, tree-
filled beer garden. Excellent, as to be expected,
Pilsner beer and nice churning oom-pah music by the
Pilsner Brass band on the stage. Weather was
beautiful. Me and my crew sampled some of the lunch
specials and they were solid, traditional Czech
favorites if that suits your palate. Not a lot of
range, but that too was to be expected.
I had pork with sauerkraut and dumplings and it was
tasty. Pork was a little fatty and tough but the
sauerkraut and dumplings were sweet, simmering and
good. Also tried beef with cream sause and dumplings.
Again, just like they tasted when I lived in Moravia.
My vegetarian friend had the carrot cake which put a
smile on his face. Czech Republic is definitely not a
place for vegetarians, though. Lots of dancing
including traditional dancers in costume. Ever read
Kundera's "The Joke?" That's it. No complaints. Beer
garden, I am told, will be open all summer long and it
is definitely not to be missed. Bar inside is not bad
either. Cool bartender, Robert, who is generous with
the buy-backs. Definitely worth Czeching out. See you
there, I hope.
-Rich B.

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  1. thanks for posting, Richard. It's funny: the food description was just EXACTLY what I expected...and everything else matches my experience with the place. The beer garden's best when it's really rocking (weekend afternoons, festivals, etc) or on a hot summer weeknight when it's empty--just hang around in shorts and tank-top and sip beer as if you had all the time in the world.

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Although I never ate there, I did enjoy more than a
      few beers there. The bartender is a nice guy and
      there's an amusing collection of bar flies.
      Definitely one of my favorite watering holes in