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May 28, 1999 06:49 PM

adventures in astoria

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Three places recently visited and enjoyed:
Greek - 3 or 4 blocks down Broadway away from the N
train, toward Steinway St - Nostalgia - excellent
fish, interesting mezze (a cheese and hot-pepper dip,
fresh homemade dolmades, charming service (apparently
quite new, cheap, vaut le voyage) Seems owners may be
Cypriot from a few things on the menu.
Kyklades - Ditmars Blvd - even better fish, great
salad, like restaurants fondly remembered in Greece.
South American - Tierras Colombianas (one for the huge
portions file) - but we are probably the last of the
chowhounds to be turned on to this place. Meat meat
and more meat, along w/great sides. Loved the

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  1. On the subject of Greek in Astoria -- went to Uncle
    George's last week (a block from Nostalgia) and despite
    the castigatory remarks it receives in Eclectic Gourmet
    I greatly enjoyed my meal. I ordered one of the day's
    specials, the lamb in lemon-egg sauce with Kale. The
    meat was tender as could be, pulled away from the bone
    without a struggle, leaving nary a trace of gristle.
    The sauce too was tasty; and the kale. We finished the
    entire plate, which was only seven-dollars and a
    massive portion. The only complaint which I can think
    of is that the food was sloppy -- but that seems a far
    cry from Jim's criticism that the chow is "gussied up."
    My mother ordered the stuffed-eggplant which was also
    delish, stuffed with beef I think, not lamb -- which
    surprised me. Again, the plate didn't rank high on
    appearance, no garnish, no arrangement, not a single
    "side", just laid with two rather flat halves of
    eggplant containing spiced meat and topped with cheese
    then broiled. Add an Athenian beer and still the bill
    came to twenty dollars with tax and tip. On the way
    out I noticed a massive roasted side of lamb in the
    front display case that looked the way I imagine the
    meat sacrifices in the Odyssey. If it were just me and
    that roast in a room together I would have dug into it
    with my bare hands. I'd certainly like to go back and
    try more, although I am also curious to try the place
    Jim recommends.

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    1. re: rachelhope

      You ordered well...just the stuff I'd get if forced to eat there. The appetizers are pretty bad (and that's a BIG problem in this app-dominated cuisine), I'd not chance fish, nor complex dishes like mousaka. Grilled meats are ok. You got lucky on the stuffed eggplant.

      "but that seems a far cry from Jim's criticism that the chow is "gussied up." "

      No, no...Uncle George's is definitely NOT one of the gussied-up Greek places by any stretch of the imagination! I just don't think it's nearly good enough to deserve its landmark status among Manhattan foodies.

      Do try the place my book recommends and report back!