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Mike and Tony's in South Slope

Jessica Nepomuceno May 24, 1999 02:04 PM

As a South Sloper, I can't help but be curious about
the new-ish Italian restaurant that opened recently on
6th Avenue and, I think, 11th St. (could be off by 1 or
2 streets).

Any word on it? Is it just another red sauce joint,
and if it is, does it at least do THAT well? I have
only managed to stop by when the kitchen has been
closed, but it looks like the place has quickly
attracted a tight little group of regulars.

Please post a followup if you have actually eaten there
(rather than gotten tipsy on red wine like I have).

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    Lisa R. Aug 1, 1999 04:12 PM

    Not Mike and Tony's which is the steak place owed by
    the Cucina partners, but COUSIN TONY'S, at 12th St.And
    6th Ave. I live at 10th and 6th, so I have eaten there
    and got carry-out several times. At first it was great,
    a real find, then it got very crowded and they seem to
    have not been able to keep up. It is nice and
    reasonably priced and the protions are huge, but the
    last few times there have been a bit of a
    disappointment for me.
    It is certainly better than say Tutta Pasta or Aunt
    Suzie's, and you may get a good night, which is really
    good when you do.

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    1. re: Lisa R.
      Yxa Aug 10, 1999 05:36 PM

      It's me, er, JEssica Nepomuceno, who made the original post. Anyway, you're right, I messed up the name. But I did stop by for dinner one slow night...I had a hankering for lasagna. NASTY NASTY NASTY! Extremely gloppy bechemal sauce, tepid and soggy pasta. Lame all around. The service was very good, however, considering there were several large parties there.

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      Ralph F May 31, 1999 03:41 PM

      Went there in late April 99, worth the trip. Good food
      and had decent service. Not as fancy nor full of air as
      tuta-pasta appears. I believe that the people who
      macks bar(?) on 8th avenue seem to run cousin tony.
      make the trip and enjoy a relaxed and good meal.

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      1. re: Ralph F
        jg May 31, 1999 07:45 PM

        I have no Idea what your saying.

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