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May 24, 1999 11:04 AM

Hong Kong Supermarket

  • j

I posted a comment endorsing Hong Kong Supermarket on
8th Ave. and 60th St. (Brooklyn) under the "Good Food
in Park slope" followups. (I know, I know--it's not in
Park Slope.)

Somebody asked me about an item from HK Supermarket's
vast frozen food section: bitter melon and pepper
leaves. I'm not sure if that person meant bitter melon
itself, or just bitter melon leaves. To tell the
truth, I'm not sure how one uses the leaves, but I have
used the bitter melon to make plenty of tasty Filipino
dishes: gulay (vegetables) in garlic sauce.

Does anyone else out there know of a use for bitter
melon (leaves) and/or pepper leaves?

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