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May 17, 1999 11:01 PM

Queens Blvd/Austin St/71st Rd Area

  • j

I was walking around there the other night and I would
like to know if anyone has sampled the Tutta Pasta,
the Peking Forest or Il Fiume all of which are within
a few blocks of each other. Also, has anyone tried the
Pasta Lovers place down in Kew Gardens near the old
court house lately?

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  1. Pasta Lovers is still okay but not fabulous. However,
    if you're going to be in the neighborhood, try the
    Peruvian food at Don Romeo's (a block from Pasta
    Lovers) or the exceptionally good Thai Food at Simply
    Thai also on Queens Blvd a couple of blocks from
    the courthouse.

    I wish there were more dining choices in that area
    (I work nearby) so if you discover any new or
    noteworthy ones, please post the info. Thanks.


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    1. re: christina z

      I think that Lucien's, a tiny bistro in Station Square
      is one of the best places to eat in Forest Hills.