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May 15, 1999 12:12 PM

Steinway Street

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continued from the "Where Can I Find Even Decent Chinese in Astoria?" thread...

"Last time I was down that way I ate at the new Argentinian steakhouse"

I hear it's not so good...what did you think?

Inevitably on that block, I leave restaurants wagging my head woefully and saying "I shoulda gone to Ali's". And I usually go by to tell him that, too (he loves it when people do).

How do you feel about Mundanza (spelling?), the Egyptian seafood place on that block? I keep hearing raves, but it smells so badly of old fish that I can't bring myself to eat there.

Best single non-Ali food on the block, I think, is the wonderful mint tea (with the perfect touch of orange blossoms) at Little Village. Oh, and the fenugreek tea at the Egyptian social/shisha club opposite Kabab Cafe is pretty great too...and wonderful cookies, when they have 'em.

I find that new Lebanese sandwich/lahambajin place on the corner of the south end of that long block extremely disappointing, though amusing for the fact that its lahambajin tastes but EXACTLY like a White Castle burger.

(oh, for those who don't know, "Ali" is the chef/owner of wonderful kabab cafe, a great Egyptian hole-in-wall on Steinway Street just south of the Grand Central)

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  1. Does anyone out there have strong feelings about
    Elwaday, the Egyptian place just south of Astoria
    Blvd? My wife and I wandered in there by accident one
    day and tried an assortment of appetizers and meat
    sandwiches. I remember everything being pretty good,
    particularly some homemade stuffed grape leaves and
    the grilled meat pita sandwiches.

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    1. re: Tom M

      Not bad, Allan Evans reported (it's still on this board somewhere) falling in love with it after he got back from Cairo because it felt exactly like back there. But it ain't Kabab Cafe...

    2. I've heard that Mundaza is ok but not great -- never been there myself.
      The Argentinian steakhouse was not bad though I'd skip the mixed grill that contains the black sausage.
      Wine was quite good though.
      If the Little Village was the same Moroccan joint I'm thinking of, my experience there wasn't so hot.
      I tried Elwady quite a while ago -- I seem to recall that the food wasn't bad and the proprietors were nice guys.