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May 11, 1999 11:12 AM

Massa's Harborside

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While bicycling around the industrial wastelands of the
brooklyn waterfront recently, I stumbled upon a
restaurant called Massa's Harborside. It is the middle
of a small industrial park, bordered by old, burned out
piers. There were no cars outside but about 2 dozen
people eating an early mothersday dinner. The menu is
Italian and the place smelled good (even bad food can
smell good however) ANYONE EVER TRIED THIS PLACE?
The surroundings were so surreal I will definetly go
try it but I don't know if I should risk taking
The place is located at 48th Street and 1st Ave in
By the way the waterfront in this area is entirely
deserted on Sundays and is real interesting if you like
the urban fringe areas- telltale signs of our
industrial past and our post industrial future.
Also if you continue on to the bay ridge area of the
80's there are lots of great places to eat.

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  1. that stomping sound you hear out your window is the sound of every food writer in NYC running out to Brooklyn...

    thanks much for posting, Allen...sounds like maybe an awesome chowhoundy find, and no, I don't know it

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      I think there was a friendly piece (not a review) on
      this restaurant and its owner in Brooklyn Bridge Mag a
      few months back. Its brand new (no DiFara's) and the
      owner is thinking big, as I recall. Hope to hear

    2. where in the 80`s do you recomend?

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      1. re: fodor simca

        St. Michel- 76St. & 3rd Ave French
        Tuscany Grill - 86th St. & 3rd Ave Italian
        Short Ribs - 91st & 3rd Ave Good ribs
        Plus good shopping - Pork Stores pasta Shops Bakeries