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May 7, 1999 03:40 PM

Brooklyn Pie

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I have heard rumors of a pie phenomenon in Brooklyn on
weekend mornings. Apparently people get on line very
early on weekend mornings to get pies in some
neighborhood in Brooklyn. If anyone knows anything
about this trend, please post a reply

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  1. it might be "Steve's Key Lime Pies" in Redhook. The #
    is 718-858-5333 or

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    1. re: suze

      it might be but I hope not. He makes only those lime pies, and he delivers to rests. in a really cool old fashioned truck. I tried to get him to do other pies or just even a lemon meringue but he won`t.

      1. re: jg

        The fruit pies at Peter's Ice Cream on Atlanti Ave. are really nice. I doubt it's the place you are refering to, but they are really well done. My fave is the peach-blueberry. I think it is the crust that makes these pies so good.