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May 6, 1999 08:14 PM

Java Indonesian Rijstafel

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I keep seeing the ads for Java Indonesian Rijstafel in
the "Brooklyn Bridge" mag. Has anyone actually tried
it? This area could use a first rate Rijstafel.

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  1. It's a nice little place. Every time my girlfriend and I
    go there they put together an excellent vegetarian
    rijstafel for us. It's a very neighborhoody little
    place. Decent prices too.

    1. Having never eaten Indonesian anywhere else, I don't
      have anything to compare it to, but I do like Java
      quite a bit. For the most part, I find the food quite
      good, although I have a friend who claims to have had
      a bad experience there and won't go back. The lady
      that runs the places is very friendly and almost
      disturbingly modest. Once she gets to know you, free
      food will start showing up on your table.
      Unfortunately, it's no longer BYOB so you're stuck
      with a rather limited range of beer and wine. It's
      very small and cozy with a nice decor of Indonesian
      artwork (which I think you can also buy if so
      inclined), although there are a few too many flashing
      lights in the windows for me. The batik in the
      bathroom of a boy urinating is not to be missed.

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          It's on 7th Ave at 17th St (or thereabouts) in

        2. re: Bob Dively
          Hayley Holmes

          do you have a recipe for Indonesian Rijstafel
          Hayley Holmes

          1. re: Bob Dively

            I am looking for a restaurant that serves Rokstafel. Where is the one you are refering to .(Java)

          2. We had a great meal here today for rijstafel, and wanted to give this place a shout-out. Had a great meal consisting of about a dozen little tastings of different Indonesian dishes, all of which were excellently prepared. Each dish had a different sauce, all of which were complex yet well-balanced in its seasoning. The only weakness was dessert (but I find that true with many Asian cuisines). The owner/server could not have been nicer. A very pleasant and exotic surprise in Park Slope.

            1. It's been there for years, and I ate there two or three times and never found it very good. It's usually empty, and I wonder how they've survived so long. They also seem to keep odd, unpredictable hours.


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              1. re: Peter Cherches

                Wow, I don't think I've been to Java since before this original thread was started. My ex-wife and I went there because it was one of the only places around back then. The thing I remember was the near-impossibilty of getting the check and the sleepy, sleepy music that they played in there. I think I might have almost fallen asleep waiting for the check with the hypnotic gamelon music playing. The food was mediocre as I remember it.

                1. re: yuriwebboy

                  Haven't been myself, but I'm always looking for good Indonesian spots. Where's your go-to, way-better-than-Java place in NYC?

              2. I have a bunch of photos from Java on my flickr:


                I hadn't eaten much Indonesian food before so I don't know how it rates with other places, but I ate there with Indonesian friends and they liked it!