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Apr 26, 1999 07:55 PM

BBQ In Queens-Help Jim Leff!

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About a month ago I posted looking to find BBQ options
in Queens since "Stick To Your Ribs" closed but got no
anwers. Mr. Jim Leff, Chowhound Extraordinaire, since
you helped spread the word about the Jamaican BBQ shack
so many years ago, I am calling on you to help me find
decent BBQ here? Any suggestions? Reveal your secrets,

Also, let me recommend the East Palate Korean
restaurant in Williamsburg on Driggs Avenue. This place
is great for Korean BBQ and other specialities. I hope
it survies because restaurant goers were few and far
between the couple times I've been by. Normally, I
don't like to give away good spots like this
(especially in Billysburg where the slackers eat like
pigs) but this one needs some biz and it's oh so tasty!


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  1. Listen, I can promise you: at this very second, someone
    in Jamaica is making wonderful 'cue somewhere. I'm just
    too damned busy these days to go find it. But hey, I
    don't have a magic wand. I just drive around and ask
    people and follow my nose. Any of you guys could do the
    same. C'mon, chowhounds...let's mount a campaign here!

    also, did you see the posting today (on the "General"
    message board) from the owner of the former Stick to
    Your Ribs? She's opening a place in Jackson
    Heights...which has recently become my home nabe.

    I don't know that korean at ALL...but if it's as good
    as you (tell us more about it, please!), it deserves
    some publicity. Use it or lose it, etc etc...


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    1. re: Jim Leff
      Sleepy LaBeef

      Thanks Jim for the heads up about the posting on "Stick
      to Your Ribs" (aka Pearson's) moving to Jackson
      Heights. Yippee! I've also changed the oil in my car
      and cleaned out my nose. Now for some sniffin!


      1. re: Sleepy LaBeef

        Uh.........GOOD! I guess........