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Apr 23, 1999 01:45 PM

near the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

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Can anyone suggest a place to have lunch within
walking distance of the Brooklyn Botanic? ... even a
long walk? I am looking for an alternative to the
Terrace Cafe in the Garden and am not fussy about the
kind of cuisine.

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  1. Tom's Restaurant on Washington and Sterling (closed on
    Sunday, though), New Prospect at Home, Flatbush Ave
    between Sterling and Plaza St. (10 min walk from the
    Eastern parkway entrance to the garden-call re Sunday
    hours)A beautiful half hour walk through Prospect Park
    will bring you to central Park Slope, which has a wide
    choice of decent but not particularly recommendable

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    1. re: jen kalb

      sorry, that's new prospect cafe; new prospect at home
      is their 7th Ave takeout shop.

    2. It's for the Sunday that is both Mother's Day and
      Lilac Weekend. Too bad that Tom's won't be open but
      I'll try it another time.

      1. Well I use to go to Barton near the botanic gardens
        and I could not find a decent place to have lunch so I
        can't help you. But hope you find something better than
        what your eating now. Do you work at the Botanical or
        near it?