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Apr 14, 1999 09:02 AM

El Asmar is closed!

  • j

Yes, it's true. They lost their lease when their rent
went up, and now the store is empty and the gate is
down and it makes me so sad. They are such nice people
and the prepared foods were so tasty. This is very

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  1. Boy, I'm really sorry to hear that as well. Good food,
    great people, open (relatively) late -- it'll be
    missed. I hope this isn't the result of El Asmar being
    unfairly squeezed by a real-estate profiteer. Given the
    way property values have shot up around here there's
    bound to be some of that going around.

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    1. re: Chris E.

      I too noticed yesterday as I was walking on Atlantic
      the sad shell of Al Asmar. Fortunately(?) the owner and
      his wife were leaving at just that moment and I was
      able to express my gratitude and sadness. Any
      indication of what's going in?