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Apr 12, 1999 01:59 PM

Hristos Deli, Astoria

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I went there for the first time this weekend. They have sublime fetas, delicious olives, and loads of other wonderful treats. Does anyone else go to Hristos? Any other recommendations for good Greek delis in that area of Astoria?

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  1. Where is Hristos Deli? Half the time I don't even know the names of the delis I drop into -- I just think of them as "that one on Broadway near the el" or the like.

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    1. re: steve d.
      Jennifer Stott

      Hristos is a tiny store at 29-27 23rd Avenue (718)
      545-3931, close to 31st Avenue. I'm not a local - I
      came across it after I got off the train - so I hope
      this address makes sense!

      1. re: Jennifer Stott

        That is the right address and you're right, it is a
        good Greek deli. Their current location is newer,
        cleaner, brighter than the previous one, right next
        door and now a small coffee/pastry shop. Their prices
        on olives, at least a dozen kinds, are competitive
        with anyone else I've encountered in Astoria as well
        as in Manhattan. Their almonds are fresh and under

        Keep exploring Astoria and head on down to the park!

        1. re: Anita

          You might also want to check out Titan on 31st Street
          between Astoria Boulevard and Newtown Avenue/30th
          Avenue. It's a big grocery store-style Greek shop with
          great food and some very good bargains. They make
          their own skordalia, taramas, and tzatziki, which they
          sell from the deli counter in the back. All are very

          1. re: Tom M

            Another Greek deli suggestion--

            My favorite is on 30th Ave, about 33rd Street or so--
            it's diagonally across the street from the big Rite
            Aid. I think the name is Greek Foods. The couple who
            run the place are amazing and the feta and olives are
            first-rate. Try the bags of dried oregano, too--much
            more pungent than the usual stuff you can find. If you
            ask, you'll get lots of help picking out the right
            cheese and olive oil, among other items.