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Apr 11, 1999 01:14 PM

GREAT butcher on 8th Ave./Brooklyn

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Great butcher on 8th Ave. and 59th St. (I think)--
Berlick's: a Turkish place with great lamb and great
prices. Also poultry beef and veal, although I've
only bought lamb here. Also fresh produce, near
eastern dry goods, cheese and olives. Again, great
lamb. Anybody else been there?

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  1. Is that the largish store on the corner, with fruit/veg on the street (isn't it BIRLIKS though?) hadn't tried the meat - they do sell that delicious Turkish sort of dried peppers, similar to Aleppo, that P. Wolfert writes about. The baklava we tried there was nothing much; the breads looked like they might be ok if fresh.

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    1. re: jen kalb
      dan silverman

      You'r right about the spelling. To tell you the
      truth, the only thing I've had at BIRLICKs is the lamb.
      They have regular lamb and spring lamb. I braised a
      spring lamb shoulder last night with potatoes, onions,
      fennel, fresh plum tomatoes, parsley, thyme, garlic
      and olive oil last night. It rocked the house.

      You've gotta love the bandsaw they use to "butcher"
      the meat with.

    2. you don't know from good brooklyn buthchers until you try staubitz on court street in cobble hill.

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      1. re: nelle
        Dan Silverman

        Nelle, Nelle, Nelle--

        Been to Staubitz many, many times...Great product,
        friendly, etc. GO to Birlick's on 8th ave. and get a
        leg of baby lamb or a baby lamb shoulder and braise it
        slowly with lots of garlic and white beans. You'll