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Apr 9, 1999 11:11 AM

River Cafe?

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My company is taking my department to lunch at River Cafe next Thursday; any recommendations? (I don't like seafood, alas.) Do they have a good list of wines by the glass? This will be my first visit, and I'm very much looking forward to it -- I remember Michele's rave from last year.

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    Chris B. Shaw

    Don't worry the menu has a great selection of items other than seafood. They do all of their own smoking here, so you might be able to have a smoked pork tenderloin, and they always have some great duck breast on the menu. In any event just be HAPPY that you're not paying the bill. Don't get so enraptured in the food that you forget to look around at the view it really is quite amazing.

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    1. re: Chris B. Shaw

      Had brunch there y'day - softshell crabs with morel
      mushrooms, but one of our party had the steak, which
      came with chilpotle pepper scrabled eggs in a brioche
      sort of thing, and was very pleased. Not cheap. A
      very pretty room and good service, well worth being
      taken there!

    2. m
      Michele Fuchs

      I stand by my rave!!! I sent some friends there and
      they too had one of the best meals ever!!!

      I remember someone in my party had lamb and someone
      had the pork and I believe my mother had the duck, it
      was almost a year so don't hold me to it...but
      EVERYONE loved their dishes, both apps and mains.

      Enjoy! Thursday is supposed to be a beautiful day,
      the view should be extraordinary!

      You are so lucky! :-)