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Apr 8, 1999 01:32 AM

Queens Coffee

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Lately I've taken to buying my beans on Queens Blvd @ 40th Street, a Romanian shoppe called Baruir's that roasts the beans right in front of your eyes. It's a beautiful sight, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a better place for coffee in Queens?

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  1. try Carmel which roasts and sells coffee. Also a great
    place for spices, nuts, dried fruit, Israeli & mid
    eastern stuff, pita, cheese, frozen fresh etc etc.
    If they have it in the front case try their bean salad
    like no other I have ever had in any cuisine.

    Oh they are on 108th Street in Forest Hills around
    64th (st, rd ave?) There is a long strip of stores
    starting on 63rd and 108 and continuing on. THere are
    other stores like Carmel but they are consistantly the
    best, freshest and busest - not to mention reasonably
    priced. Other good things in the nabe include a good
    fruit store the Lemon Drop on the same block and a
    Russian deli (forgot name) across the street.
    The coffee is very good

    1. o
      Oogala Boogala

      There is no better place to get coffee than at Baruir's. They are the greatest. Their beans are the best beans in New York. Period.

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        Can anyone give me an email address and/or postal address (telephone number?) where I can purchase a quantity (few packages) of this coffee. I would like to try brewing it in a Bunn Coffee Machine.



        1. re: Dan

          Baruir is at 40th St on Queens Blvd. (40th st stop on the 7 train). Hard to miss, on the N side of the blvd.
          Do try the house blend, it's delightful. They vacuum pack if you ask.

        2. re: Oogala Boogala

          I would like to second that- Baruir coffee is without question the best I have ever tried. They know how to roast their beans.

        3. Baruir's coffee is the best. They buy beans and roast them daily on premises. They sell both beans and ground, and they also sell coffee by the cup. The espresso is outstanding, IMHO.

          I'm brewing a pot of their medium roast right now...MMMmmmmmm.

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          1. re: christocc

            Unfortunately, I have not had good beans from Baruir. I've given them 4 shots, but the beans have lacked flavor and character. I don't think they use good quality beans. I roast coffee at home, and even with a fresh roast, it's hard to get much flavor out of low quality green beans.

            It didn't help that the beans I've bought at Baruir were preweighed and sitting in an open bag exposed to the air. When I asked if they roast daily, the counterwoman said they usually only do it twice a week. She's never been able to tell me when the beans were roasted either. It just seems odd since that's what they mainly do.

            Has anyone had experiences similar to mine, or should I really give them another chance?

            1. re: Joe MacBu

              I'd give them another chance. If you can (and I know it's not likely, given work constraints), try to go during the day on weekdays. In my experience, they don't roast on weekends. I have been there on a Tuesday afternoon when they were roasting. If I'm not mistaken, there was some furor in the nabe about them roasting (though it was some newb to the nabe raising the "stink" about the smell of roasting beans). Try, try again, because I think they're well worth it. I haven't had a bad bean yet.

              1. re: Joe MacBu

                What do you consider a good quality beans?

            2. FYI: Baruir was not Romanian, but Armenian. HYESTANI!!!

              1. The original comment has been removed