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Apr 7, 1999 09:08 AM

If you're ever looking for a cheap lunch on Court St, Bklyn...

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Try a new little restaurant that opened up on Court
Street between Atlantic and State, close to "My Little
Pizzeria." I don't know its name but I think it has
"brisket" in the title even though its Mideastern.

For $3, you get a big, fat falafel sandwich (the
falafels are very tasty, nutty and crunchy), and the
best part of the deal is that the friendly men behind
the counter will put nearly anything else on the
sandwich that you want--hummes, babaganosh, delicious
lightly fried eggplant, tabboleh (excuse my spelling!).

When they first opened up, their grape leaves were the
best I've ever tasted but I'm not sure make them
anymore. Recently, they've been adding more American
dishes (like potato salad and cole slaw) that look
very institutional. Avoid them and stick with the
Mideastern items, and you can't go wrong!


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  1. I was wondering about that place. I'll have to stop
    in. The Brisket name mixed with what appeared to be
    Middle Eastern was enough to entice me.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Maybe I will stop in there today.
      I think I will have as many goodies as possible added
      to me falafel...