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Mar 26, 1999 01:56 PM

SoBKNY Butcher

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In the Atlantic Avenue/Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens area
of Brooklyn, there are several butchers -- halal,
German, Italian, Latino, for example. I'm not that
sophisticated about getting meat, and I'm hoping
someone or more than one someone can give me some
suggestions on which butcher is the most
novice-friendly, who's got the best prices, and --
naturally -- who's got the best meat. Particularly
interested if any of them make their own
sausage/chorizo. I just can't stand buying meat at the
supermarket when they feel it's necessary to put a
sticker on the steak that says "Real juicy beef taste!"
as if it's artificially flavored, but I'm a little
unaccustomed to the real thing except for special

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  1. We always go with Staubitz on Court Street in Cobble
    Hill (near Bergen or Warren Street, I think -- West
    side of Court). My husband worked there as a kid, so
    we know there's no funny business in the back room,
    and the meat's always delicious and not outrageously
    priced. My in-laws love the smoked pork chops. We're
    partial to the lamb. They also have a nice cheese
    selection and chocolate and coffee, so you can get
    most of what you need for a special meal in one stop.

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    1. re: Kendra

      I second the recommendation of Staubitz. They are
      extremely knowledgable, very friendly and quite
      helpful with recipe suggestions. Saturdays are
      extremely hectic there, so they may be somewhat less
      user friendly then. They also deliver anywhere in the
      Heights/Cobble Hill.

      1. re: Maralyn

        I have patronized a halal butcher on the s. side of
        Atlantic near Smith on several occasions. If you want
        sheep or goat meat, they are very nice, and will cut
        or grind the meat whatever way you like. As for
        chorizo, I don't know of any place in Brooklyn that
        makes its own. Most places have either the Puerto
        Rican (Goya usually) hard packaged chorizos or the
        soft crumbly/vinegary mexican style in tubes. The
        hispanic-oriented grocery stores on Smith St. are
        probably the most promising for this in your area.
        The two Nuevo Faro stores on 5th Ave (at 7th and 17th
        St in the Slope) have these commercial products.

        1. re: Maralyn

          I also go to Staubitz and to Espositos. Espositos has
          a great chopped meat: beef, pork veal combination that
          is terrific for meat loaf.
          Do not Buy meat at the (what is it) I think Key Food
          on Atlantic and Clinton. They have horrible stale meat
          that tastes like the refrigerator. Staubitz is closed
          on sundays, but Espositos is open until 1:30 so if you
          need meat on sundays you can go there and their stuff
          is great. They stuff their pork loin with garlic and
          parsley so all you have to do is throw it in the oven.
          Yum YUm. They are also very nice, also very crowded on
          Saturday, and if you get caught in a big line it will
          take forever because the Italian ladies from the
          neighborhood do the whole weeks shopping including
          eggs and cheese there.

      2. I am very very fond of Esposito's, on Court St. and
        maybe Sackett St. Their homemade sausages are great -
        I give a big old thumbs up to both their broccoli rabe
        sausage and their chicken sausage with cheese and
        parsley. Haven't tried the sausage with mozzarella and
        basil and tomato but it's only a matter of time. They
        also have a nice selection of chops and ground meat and
        pork and beef roasts and such. If you go there and act
        confused they will most likely help you. And I had a
        roast pork sandwich from there recently - it was A-OK.
        Lean 'n' garlicky.
        Mastellone Deli, also on Court St., has a pretty wide
        selection of meat, already packaged in plastic and
        styrofoam, and it always seems fresh.
        Oh, and I also like Staubitz.