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Mar 23, 1999 07:06 PM


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Has anyone tried he restaurant called Sur on Smith
Street in Brooklyn? Like to know about it.

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  1. We've only been there once so far -- because they're
    so popular that the times we've stopped by without a
    reservation we couldn't get in! The food was very
    good. We all had different cuts of beef, and although
    the couple who got the mixed grill were too squeamish
    to eat some of the unidentifiable parts, everything we
    did eat was well cooked, well sauced, and well
    accompanied. Everyone told us to order the dulche de
    leche (sp?) crepes for dessert -- it's true! They're
    delicious. The only negative for us was our waiter,
    who was overworked and a bit forgetful.

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    1. re: Kendra

      Where is Sur? Do not have a clue

      1. re: Rosalyn

        Need address and phone #

    2. It is excellent! We went about a month ago. We really
      enjoyed it. The ambience was wonderful - It is a
      beautiful room, the service was excellent but they also
      left us alone and we were not at all rushed, even
      though by the time we left (8:30ish ? our friends have
      kids) there was a line out the door. The food was
      excellent, we all ordered various kinds of steak - each
      was cooked perfectly as ordered and they had a nice
      wine list. A very enjoyable evening. I am looking
      forward to trying the place across the street. I hear
      it is good too.

      Let me know what you think !

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      1. re: Anne Palmer

        We couldn't have had a more opposite experience! The
        salad was mediocre, the parillada overcooked to the
        point of being inedible,and the service was
        indifferent. I had really high hopes for this
        restaurant, but I think it's gone quite downhill since
        it opened (maybe because, from what I understand, the
        owner herself seems never to be there.)