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Mar 21, 1999 02:03 PM

yemmenite steak

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anybody have the name number of this restaurant in brooklyn, that serves meat/yemmenite style?/ thx

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  1. I think its kosher

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    1. re: stephen kaye

      You might be referring to Mabat off of Ocean Parkway
      in Brooklyn. Although it is definitely Sephardic, I'm
      not sure that it is particularly Yemeni (probably more
      Syrian than anything). I was there just last week,
      and can report that the rib steak was truely excellent
      for kosher steak (probably because they cook the meat
      on a grill, it doesnt have to be soaked and salted --
      and thereby ruined -- like most kosher steak.) Also
      very good are the various Israeli salads. Very good
      and fun place.

      1. re: Rob

        thx mucho rob, I just found it in my notes, indeed Mabat e 7th kings hwy 718 339 3300. thx mucho! todahh!