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Mar 18, 1999 12:16 PM

Late Lunch/Early Dinner in Fort Greene and Environs

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Fellow Chowhounders, do you have any recommendations
for the above after a mid-afternoon Sunday movie at
BAM cinema? I am looking for something fairly
informal, reasonably priced but nice. I have a car.

For years, I've heard about the Garden Cafe on
Vanderbilt? Any comments?

Thanks. Your suggestions are always appreciated.


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  1. New City Cafe on (I think) Dekalb and Vanderbilt would
    fit the bill.

    1. Here are some other neighborhood suggestions, many
      with excellent people-watching opportunities, as well
      as food (I haven't visited all):
      (1) Chez Oscar - on DeKalb, toward Clinton Hill -
      newish informal French spot (run by French people),
      nice atmosphere, art by local artist on wall, good fish
      (2) New Prospect Cafe - on Flatbush between Plaza and
      Sterling - a real neighborhood spot, consistently
      interesting well-prepared food at a good price; good
      service, well worth a visit.
      (3) The new BAM Cafe - a romantic atmosphere upstairs
      in BAM, with extraordinary city views and music
      sometimes. Haven't eaten there yet, but its operated
      by Michael Ayoub, the chef of Cucina. Certainly worth
      checking out if you are already at BAM.
      (4) The Dean Street Cafe - at corner of Dean and
      Underhill, in Prospect Heights. A lively neighborhood
      scene, with live music. Can get loud.
      (5) Garden Cafe-Prospect and Vanderbilt (Prospect Hts)
      A tiny, pretty,personal place with a limited menu.
      Some neighbors swear by it, but it has unusual hours.
      Its best to call ahead re opening hours and menu.
      (6) South East Asian Cuisine - the Cambodian Place,
      right down the street from BAM is pleasant,
      inexpensive and interesting - has been covered
      extensively on this site.
      (7) avoid the senegalese place just down Fulton from
      SEA - I think its called something like Keur D'ye.
      The food is just not very interesting and ingredients
      are not good quality.

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      1. re: jen kalb

        Dear Jen and Jeremy,

        Thank you for taking the time out to tell me of your
        recommendations in Fort Greene and environs.

        Unfortunately, because of timing they did not work out.

        We had to have dinner about 4 PM and for your
        information, on Sundays, Oscar doesn't open until 6,
        New Prospect until 5, BAM Cafe closes at 3, and Garden
        wasn't open when we passed by. We also drove by Dean
        St. but the only place we could see was a tavern. Is
        that the one you meant, Jen? Jeremy, I've eaten at
        New City Cafe before and while the food was
        outstanding, it's a little pricey for me in terms of a
        casual Sunday dinner.

        We ended up going to 2nd St. Cafe in PS. They had a
        special dinner deal for $12.50. While the appetizers
        and desserts were good (miniature crab cakes and
        chicken satay, blackout cake), the main courses were
        only fair (meat loaf, chicken pot pie.) However, the
        staff was very nice and accomodating.

        By the way, the BAM Rose cinema is a very nice place
        to see a movie. We saw "Elizabeth" which wasn't great
        but worthwhile seeing.

        Thanks, again!

        1. re: Steve

          Sorry you struck out - unfortunately, not too many
          "restaurants" will be serving mid-afternoon on
          Sundays. The best bet would probably have been the
          more chowhoundy ethnic spots which are open more or
          less all the time i.e. SEA Cuisine, Coco Roco, Mr.
          Felafel (on 7th at around 4th), Evas, etc. As for
          Dean St. Cafe, tho it does have an active bar scene,
          lots of flashy dressers and cars, etc, not my personal
          scene, many of my friends recommend its food and eat

          1. re: jen kalb

            I was interested to see you include Mr. Felafel on that
            list of "chowhoundy ethnic spots" -- I've only eaten
            there once, several years ago, but it seemed really
            bad, bland, muddy hummos, stale pita bread etc. Should
            I go back there? (I'm not in PS too often but when I am
            it's nice to know where I can get a quick bite.)

            1. re: Jeremy

              we find Mr. Felafel, which is Egyptian run, to be a
              not-supreme but pretty good example of the genre - I
              particularly like their well-grilled and spiced kefta
              kebab and their lemonade. If you like that mideast
              snacky vein, there are other alternatives in the Slope
              -a couple of "Olive Vine" restaurants (with the fresh-
              baked pitas and "pitzas"), one on 6th nr Berkeley one
              on 7th in the South Slope and a similar Mediterranean
              place (my son says not as good as Mr. Felafel and a
              bit more expensive) at the corner of 9th and 7th.
              None of these places can compete with the old King
              Felafel in the early 80s on 7th, with its excellent
              felafel and spicy ful - does anyone know of an
              Egyptian place which serves ful hot in a spicy sauce,
              rather than cold, with the usual onions, oil etc.?