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Mar 15, 1999 01:58 PM

Waterfront Crab House

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Has anyone tried this restaurant, do they have
entertainment and do they have a room for private
parties..I'm trying to find a nice place for my parents
50th Wedding anniversary..I would like to take some of
our relatives & friends out to dinner..

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Yes, I've been there and it was definitely some of the
    worst food I've had in years. The ambiance might
    appeal to some people--frankly, I found it pretty
    awful. Sorry.

    I'm not saying the food is fabulous, but the Water's
    Edge is lovely and I thought the food at a party there
    was very good considering the number of people. It's
    pricey but quite atmospheric and they are pros.

    I had a very nice party for my husband in Manhattan at
    Moreno's (some people recently posted negative stuff
    here about that place but I had no such experience).
    It was great food and ambiance and well done.
    Reasonable, too. But the private space is about 35

    1. Jeanne,
      I have to agree with earlier poster Phyllis.
      The food at the Waterfront Crabhouse did not
      impress me. I would steer clear of it.
      The Waters Edge is lovely, but very overpriced.

      1. Jeanne,
        Me again - my recommendation for your 50th anniversary
        party is Piccola Venezia (my favorite). There are
        many posting about this restaurant if you need further
        information. They also have a web site.