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Mar 10, 1999 09:01 PM

Five Spot?

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Tonight as I was leaving Castro's Coffee Shop in Fort Greene (yet again), I noticed a place down the street called Five Spot Rib House/Soul Food. Has anyone checked this place out?

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  1. Pass on it. There are two kinds of spots on this stretch of Myrtle: down home (and good) and cleaned up (and ho-hum). Five Spot's definitely the latter, though the people working there are really nice. But the neon's a dead giveaway.

    Hey, has anybody tried that crowded Chinese fast food place on the corner of Myrtle and Washington?


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      1. re: Jim Leff

        I've tried the Chinese place on Myrtle &
        Washington (Kum Kau, I think? not sure) only
        once so far. Results inconclusive--nicely made,
        tasty veggie dumplings, and a beef with good
        fresh ginger flavor but in a bland tomato-based
        sauce that made me think of bad-vietnamese-cooking-
        for-western-tastes. The menu is very standard.
        I'll end up back there, since it is the closest
        chinese takeout to me, and I'll let you know how
        it goes, but I suspect it won't be the kind of place
        folks outside the neighborhood would have any
        reason to seek out. Ideally, THIS would be the
        local Chinese takeout, and Cambodian Cuisine could
        go back to (or expand on) Khmer food...

        1. re: Mary

          Thanks, Mary

          "Results inconclusive"

          Yeah, I kind of feared this. But try the chow fun...I
          have a hunch they've got decent beef chow fun. I think
          not pork for some reason (though your ginger/tomato
          beef report does give pause).

          "Ideally, THIS would be the local Chinese takeout, and
          Cambodian Cuisine could go back to (or expand on) Khmer


          Sprinkles, right nearby, used to rock for desserts but
          not for food...then they started making GREAT food last
          year. But last time I was there, alas, the food was
          mediocre again and even the desserts didn't look as
          good as usual (they used to do some of the best banana
          cake in town). You been tracking it?

          Also, do you know Castro's, the Mexican on Myrtle I
          reviewed in my book? I've been due to check it up. I
          suspect it's one Mexican that won't go downhill
          (Mexican joints in NYC are so unbelievably erratic that
          they make Chinatown places look stable in comparison!).

          The new Jamaican over by the park has promise, but
          Idunno...haven't been there in a while, though


          1. re: Jim Leff

            Sorry, I can't report (yet) on Castro's or
            Sprinkles (just moved to the neighborhood
            from SF, so still exploring). But I will
            definitely follow the lead on Castro, since
            I certainly miss the fresh, simple Mexican
            of my favorite central valley lunch stands...
            though perhaps I shouldn't get my hopes up.

            As for the Chinese place, my new thought (after
            a second visit, before I read your chow fun
            suggestion) is that any of the notice it has gotten
            before is because it uses nicely fresh (albeit
            unoriginal) ingredients; it just refuses to
            put them in decent sauces. Oh well.

            I am not sure which Jamaican you mean, since
            as a newcomer, I can't really tell what's new.