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Mar 10, 1999 08:14 PM

Vegetarian in Western Queens?

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A vegetarian from the inner borough wishes to visit me here in Sunnyside. Is there a veggie or semi-veggie place we chow down within walking distance?

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  1. I think that Natural Tofu on Queens Blvd. will
    accomdate vegatarians without too much fuss, but you
    might be better off with some of the new Indian places
    that are popping up in the same area.

    A person who considers a trip to Queens to be a very
    major journey might prefer one of the very interesting
    Chinese veg places in Flushing.


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    1. re: Brian Yarvin

      "Chinese veg places in Flushing."

      absolutely, Brian, especially the place in my book, Happy Buddha (you try it yet, btw?)

      But just as good, and closer to Sunnyside (though certainly not walking distance) is
      Ping's (see "What Jim Had For Dinner Last Night")


      1. re: Jim Leff
        phyllis rosenblum


        Are you sure about the address you gave for Cornel's?
        I live at 47th and Skillman and have never seen it. Is
        it really that terrific?

        Also, glad to see your note about Happy Buddha. I
        posted about it a few months ago and there was no
        response. I really like the place and have had some
        nice dinners there. The people are also quite

        1. re: phyllis rosenblum

          Cornel's hasn't moved yet -- I just spoke to them and
          it is still in the future. They are still now at 41st
          and Greenpoint Ave in Sunnyside.

          By the way, i work with several Romanians, all of whom
          love their food, though I haven't been there myself

          1. re: Alan Divack

            Going still farther off the topic of "Vegetarian in W.
            Queens", there is another Romanian place nearby,
            Transylvania on 42nd and Queens Blvd. -- Is it any
            good? Also there is a Romanian butcher on 43rd between
            Queens Blvd. and 43rd Ave., which is one of my favorite
            food shops in the city. I wonder why the high density
            of Romanian businesses?

            1. re: Jeremy

              Fast feedback; thanks all. Re: the previous posts‹- Natural Tofu is kinda limited, and the cold dishwater soup that starts things is one of the worst openers I've ever had. The one time I went to Cornel's, I was handed a short menu with nothing but American deep-fry type selections. Even if they handed us a "real" menu, she'd object to the cig smoke. I'll try again when they move. Right now, I'm leaning toward the Indian place on Queens Blvd just west of the Bliss St. stop. Their plate of Salmon Tandoori was as tasty as it was big, and the veg stuff will sate my finicky friend.

              1. re: Skillman
                Phyllis Rosenblum

                You mean Empire of India. We've had mixed experience
                there. Sometimes the food tastes microwaved. Has it
                been better lately? We usually travel to Jackson
                Heights for Indian these days. Just curious. Nice to
                have another chowhound in Sunnyside. Did you catch the
                new Myra Alperson nosh newsletter that features
                Sunnyside? It was pretty accurate, except for missing
                Ariyoshi, our favorite local place.

                1. re: Skillman

                  Never order off the menu at Cornel's. You've gotta go for the Romanian
                  daily specials.

                  I'm NOT a fan of Natural Tofu...that was a pan some months ago on
                  "What Jim Had For Dinner"'s still in there somewhere if you want to
                  search for it

            2. re: phyllis rosenblum

              woops, SO sorry about the bum info on Cornel's. They told me
              a few months ago that they were moving in a couple weeks, and I THOUGHT I'd
              heard from someone that they have indeed made the move.

              But you'll be able to rejoice in a little while when they DO
              move...what a great thing to have such a fantastic restaurant so close to home (especially when home is in a somewhat
              chow-challenged nabe....though I'm expecting good Armenian and/or good Turkish to open
              thereabouts before too long...

        2. There's hardly a CARNIVORE place within walking distance of Sunnyside!

          Take 'em to Cornel's Place, a fantastic Romanian, at 46-04 Skillman (your namesake!). Almost entirely meat, but there are great soups (and an especially great dessert) suitable for veg people.

          For those of you who've bought my book, please note this new address for the place...they've just moved.