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Mar 7, 1999 12:55 PM

Posole in Corona

  • j

At 96-15 Roosevelt Ave., about 2 blocks east of
Junction Blvd. is an absolute gem of a hole-in-the-wall
Mexican eatery, called El Grano de Oro. I had a
wonderful posole (corn soup) for $5 for lunch today;
the dish consisted of a big bowl of soup with shredded
lettuce on top, a dish of chopped onion and cilantro
for seasoning, and 4 fried tortillas for dipping.

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  1. seems expensive for posole, ice berg lett. and tort. even 16 0z of soup, if that much. for 5$ you could get some of the finest lobster bisque with lobster ravioli.Did you say their was meat in there?

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    1. re: jg

      Oh I forgot, the soup came with a mess of grilled
      tongue -- to me, posole and tongue is about the best
      possible lunch on a cold day!